Transfers in Morocco

Airport Transfers and Taxi Services in Morocco! We offer professional and punctual transport throughout Morocco for all types of travelers. Our services include one-way transfers, two-way transfers, private day trips and private Morocco tours.

Our services are always private, so you will never have to share the vehicle with anyone else. We are not able to provide shared transfers or shared day trips.

All of our vehicles are air-conditioned and maintained to high safety standards. Our vehicles comply with all local regulations and in fact exceed many of the safety requirements set by the government. We are also licenced and registered with the Moroccan authorities, and we are fully insured to carry passengers in small and large vehicles.

In our team, we speak a variety of languages, including: English, French, Arabic and Spanish. There is no guarantee to match you  with a driver who speaks your language because it depends on the schedules and availability.

We have vehicles in Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Fez and are able to provide transport in almost any part of Morocco.

We are a local company, not an agency, so book direct through our website and save

Airport Transfers

<strong>Airport Transfers Service</strong> from major Moroccan airports to any destination of your Choice. The Service is from and to any Airport in Morocco.

Port Transfers

<strong>Port Transfers</strong> Service from Tangier Med Port and Tangier Ville Port to any destination of your Choice. The Service is From and to the Port.

Hotel Transfers

We do <strong>Hotel Transfers Service</strong> to any Hotel in Morocco. From and to the Hotel Lobby you are staying at in Morocco.

Taxi Transfers

We do <strong>Transfers in Morocco</strong> from anywhere to any other destination as a <em>Door-to-Door Service</em> from any city, town or other places of interest.

Popular Transfers

Tangier Med - Chefchaouen

Starting from €119

Tangier Airport - Tetouan

Starting from €69

Casablanca - Marrakesh

Starting from €149

Tangier - Fez

Starting from €189

Fez - Marrakesh

Starting from €279

Rabat - Fez

Starting from €129

Tangier - Asilah

Starting from €49

Tangier - Marrakesh

Starting from €329


Here are some commonly asked questions we receive.

Are the prices negotiable?

We understand that in Morocco there is a culture of haggling that does not exist in some other countries, so in the interests of transparency, all of the prices on our website are already the best we can offer. Many things here (such as food and hotels) are cheap for foreign visitors. However, please bear in mind that in Morocco, vehicles and commercial insurance are two things which are quite a bit more expensive than in Europe. In particular, vehicles in Morocco are significantly more expensive than in the UK and USA.

Our prices represent good value and we are unable to negotiate with you. Our prices are all-inclusive. We are also fully licenced by the ministry of transport and tourism, and all of our drivers are professionally licenced.

Thanks for your understanding.

How much notice is required for a booking?

The more the better! Most customers book 1-2 weeks in advance. We prefer to receive bookings minimum 3 days in advance, but you can submit your booking through our website at any time. Last-minute bookings are dependent on availability. For last-minute bookings, please book directly through our website instead of emailing us.

Do you offer shared services?

No, we only offer private services.

How do I pay?

You must pay a deposit through our website in order to guarantee the booking. This deposit is refundable until 5 days before the departure time. The remaining balance should be paid in full 5 days before arrival.

Due to bank restrictions out of our control, it is not possible for us to accept credit card in the vehicle at this time, but we hope to find a solution in the future.

Is your website secure?

Yes, our website is encrypted over SSL. At the top of the page on the address bar, you will see a green padlock and “https”. This means that the information that you send to us (like your name and email address) are transmitted securely. Regarding payments, this is handled externally and securely by Stripe. The payment is handled on their servers and we never have access to your card details.

Are the prices listed per person or per vehicle?

All the prices we list are the price per vehicle. If the tour is €100 and there are 5 of you travelling then the cost is €20 each.

Are the vehicles air-conditioned?

All of our vehicles are air-conditioned.

How old are the vehicles?

Our oldest vehicle is 4 years old.

Can I request a specific model?

No, we cannot guarantee a specific model, because it depends on the availability of that day.

How will I find the driver?

Specific pick up instructions will be sent to your email after booking. You will also receive the driver name and phone number the day before the service.

Do you provide bottled water for passengers?

Yes, free bottled water is provided for all passengers. Normally bottled water is already present in the vehicle. If there are no bottles left, the driver will stop and buy some for you. The water is a free extra and you will not be charged.

Do you provide WiFi?

WiFi is available in most of our vehicles, but it is a free extra and provided with no strings attached. It is generally reliable but if it doesn’t work for whatever reason, we can’t take responsibility. We don’t charge for the WiFi and offer no guarantees.

Is there an extra fee for airport pick-ups?

There is no additional charge for being picked up from Tangier, Fez, Casablanca, or Marrakesh Airports. When you book, please give us your flight number so we can check for delays.

Are there two ports in Tangier?

Yes, there are 2 ports that service Tangier. The first is “Tangier Ville Port” which is located in the city of Tangier. If you are booking a transfer from Tangier, let us know you are arriving by boat and we can pick you up from the port. The second is “Tangier-Med Port” which is located about 45 minutes east of Tangier. We offer transfers from here to Tangier City and also directly to Chefchaouen.

Can we make a stop in Tetouan on our transfer to Chefchaouen?

Yes! When you book, you can add this as an extra. Just let us know.

Do you have child seats?

Yes! When you book, you can add this as an extra. Just let us know.

I need a Moroccan sim card for my phone, how can I get one?

When you book, you can add this as an extra. Just let us know.